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tv   News 6 at 4p  CBS  February 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[r [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> developing now, severe weather eyes central florida as temperatures soar. also breaking, a mother accused of opening fire on her son in the shower. update, minutes ago from altamonte springs springs. >> and a 15-year-old accused of intentionally running her down. good evening, everyone. this is news 6 at 4:00, getting results. i'm ginger gadsden.
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thanks for joining us. >> i'm julie broughton. also ahead, a new trend helping with homework help. parents going back to school to help their children get results. what they say about catching up with any forms of teaching inside the classroom. as someone of a kindergartener, i understand where they're coming from. >> i am just hearing about that for the first time. i love the idea. >> i do, too. >> we'll talk about that in a moment. but first, developing now, a mix of high temperatures and then a big cool-down and storms in between. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing the severe weather threat heading our way. how soon could we start seeing any action? >> we're getting light rain right now, but this is nothing compared to where we're going. tomorrow is when the big stuff rumbles through here between 10 a.m. and 2 in the afternoon is the prime time window target. i have not changed off the timeline since last night at 11:00. take a look over my shoulder here. you see the activity we're tracking this evening. heavy scattered showers are
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i almost said osceola, but it's farther north than that right now. new smyrna beach to the inlet, ponce inlet is getting some of the rain as it's pushing up 95 and farther to the south, west of rockledge, along 95 and 524, it's raining pretty heavily. now, farther to the north and the west, from the villages back into marion county, back up here, here's redick and ocala, getting big rain right now. but again, it's just pockets. little bitty pockets of rain. it's hit-and-miss. it's run and gun shower time. but tomorrow, this big wamper of a storm to the north and west of us from jackson, mississippi to new orleans louisiana is pushing our way. a big cold front is pushing behind it and wrapping on in and it will be the player in the forecast for tomorrow. on-the-town forecast for this evening, clouds, a few scattered showers, nothing super heavy. by 6 p.m., we're down to 76. by 7:00 tonight, 74. we're all getting ready for a much more active situation tomorrow. i'll be back to pinpoint the
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you live in a few minutes. >> following breaking news now, within the last five minutes, detectives revealed what led up to a deadly shooting. >> a mother accused of opening fire on her son while he was in the shower. now she's in custody. >> this is all developing right now along post oak circle in altamonte springs, not far from maitland avenue and east altamonte drive. news 6's troy campbell joining us there live. police tonight. they just spoke minutes ago. what are they telling you? >> yeah, we have breaking new updates just moments ago. they tell us that 59-year-old virginia ortega has been charged with premeditated murder. the victim, her son, 29-year-old blake howard. police have been here about four or five hours so far today, finding the dead man inside. >> they worked together, did not report for work today and after not being able to get ahold of him, she became concerned, knowing some of the family history. >> the altamonte springs police
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p.m. on tuesday, officers arrived to a townhouse near 436 and maitland avenue after a relative called police, saying a man who lives at the home with his mother had not arrived to work. >> it was said they believed he was in harm's way. altamonte springs police officers responded to the residence and waited for some time to get a female to answer the door. >> officers then made forced entry into the home, finding the woman armed with a handgun and the dead man inside. >> the caller stated they were mother and son, however we have not been able to establish that yet. >> neighbors confirming to police only two people lived inside the home. the woman taken into custody for questioning. police saying a relative told dispatchers of a recent history between mother and son, giving law enforcement a reason to act quickly. >> we needed to act swiftly because we believed he was in harm's way. the ultimate result is he is deceased. >> again, police have now confirmed it was a mother and
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59-year-old virginia ortega, charged with premeditated murder of her son, 29-year-old blake howard. another detail of this, they say howard was in the shower when his mother entered the bathroom and shot him several times. we'll continue to follow the breaking news updates and we're also speaking to neighbors about the family. until we bring you that later at 5:00 and 6:00, ginger, back to you. >> troy, thank you. tonight, facing attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, a 15-year-old faces a judge and the female sergeant, he's accused of nearly killing friday morning. news 6 was in the court during john karr ortiz's appearance. how is the sergeant doing? >> sergeant marcy pierce saying she's doing better but she's still hurting. she walked into the courtroom here on crutches, surrounded by deputies. it was the first time she's come
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15-year-old ortiz since investigators say he ran her over in a stolen car last friday. >> >> sergeant marcy pierce, surrounded by orange county sheriff's deputies, walking on crutches and still in a lot of pain, four days after she was run over by a car while serving a warrant. the sheriff's office says the 15-year-old ortiz was behind the wheel. >> ortiz is charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer. he stood before a judge for the first time this afternoon. investigators say the teen had custody orders on burglary-related charges. when pierce went to arrest him last friday, the sheriff's office says he deliberately hit her with the stolen car, causing injuries to her head, back, hand and foot. ortiz turned himself in to authorities yesterday. pierce, leaving the courtroom in
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teen who she says tried to kill her. instead, only thanking the people who have supported her during this difficult time. >> i love my guys, my agency, my family, and my support, it's incredible. i'm so honored to have all these people around me. thank you. >> the judge granted the state's request to keep ortiz locked up for 30 days. they'll use that time to figure out if they have enough evidence to charge him as an adult. >> see how emotional she was being in court today. amanda castro reporting live for us. thank you. >> also developing right now, president obama keeps a campaign promise. he outlined his plans today to shut down guantanamo bay in cuba. >> congress took steps to make sure the president has to go
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but first, president obama says he does not think the center is working anymore. >> president obama announced his proposal to fulfill a campaign promise and close the detention facility. there are none of them still held at gitmo. the remaining would be moved to a facility here in the u.s. the administration is looking at 13 different locations, including existing prisons in south carolina, kansas and colorado. he says the move will save the country millions of dollars. >> the defense department estimates this plan, compared to keeping guantanamo open, would lower costs by up to $85 million a year. over 10 years, it would generate savings of more than $300 million. over 20 years, the savings would be up to $1.7 billion. >> it will take a one-time cost of as much as $475 million to
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getting an approval from congress, something that appears unlikely. speaker of the house paul ryan issued a statement saying the president failed to include details required by law, including the exact cost and location of an alternate facility. he says congress will not change the law to allow terrorist detainees on american soil. >> just in to the newsroom, an update of the zika virus here in florida. right now, there's one case in orange county, one in brevard, one in osceola and now this case in seminole county. in about 40 minutes, we'll take you inside a lab where they're racing against the clock to find a vaccine for this virus. >> just in at 4:00, a small plane en route to leesburg makes a wild landing in a palatka backyard, sending one person to the hospital. take a look. these are pictures from the scene. this happened not far from jacksonville. you can see the parachute
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power lines along the property. so far it is unclear what caused the plane to crash. we do know it is registered to an owner in north carolina but according to flight aware, it was heading for the leesburg airport. we'll let you know as soon as we learn anything new. >> back to the drawing table for workers looking to beautify a stretch of i-95 in volusia county. >> a proposed sculpture resembling a wave isn't happening anymore. >> transportation officials received too much flak for the redevelopment project. we showed you the renderings last year. they want to build it between -- crews will try to draft up another idea. according to the news journal, they have about $4 million slated in their budget for it. >> well, ahead at 4:00, meet the class of 2016. parents who need help, helping with homework.
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waterspout along the gulf and this system is heading our way. >> but first, sky 6 just got to the scene of breaking news. this is live pictures along state road 415. an intense fire has broken out. we're working right now to find out how this happened. we'll have an update from our photojournalist dave sprung in three minutes. you're watching february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs
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>> all right. breaking right now, sky 6 is flying over a fire in volusia county. this is on state road 415 and ashby cove lane in new smyrna beach. we do not know if this is a brushfire or something else has
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we want to get out to photojournalist dave sprung. what are you seeing at this point? >> i'm only seeing a little bit of it. i'm going to zoom out as much as i can. there's a lot of rain out here so my lens has a lot of water on it. it's stretching a good ways. i'm going to guess 30 to 50 acres. there's one structure in volusia county and sheriffs and firefighters were on the scene. they were able to stop the fire as it encroached the house. winds have shifted a little bit and it's now blowing the flames away from that. in the path of the fire, i'm not seeing any other structures in the way, except way over here. the sheriffs helicopter did just depart the area and informed us as they were leaving that they do have the fire under control, which is very good news. but there's a lot of fuel out here for the fire to eat. as that happens, the fire will grow. we'll stay out there and pass along the information to you. >> glad to see the rain out there. >> at least that's happening. that's a positive note there.
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there. >> lots of flames there. we'll continue to check in with sky 6. but first, tonight we want to introduce you to parents heading back to class so they can help with homework. >> yeah, and we're not talking about high school homework, either. parents of kindergarteners need a refresher here? >> yes. i can speak on that firsthand. yes, they do. it doesn't matter what your degree is in or if you have one, the way math and science is taught now, it's so different than how it was when we were in school, that's why adults are going back to class themselves to get results and help their kids succeed. >> it starts with addition and subtraction. >> the moms and dads are learning computer reading skills at parent university. >> can you teach mom? >> yeah, sometimes. >> she's back in class with her kindergartener, nicole. >> we now get the understanding of how they're being taught so we can help them better and not feel frustrated. >> school districts across the country offer the classes for
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teachers say they're very popular. this one on long island had parents eager to participate. >> did you ever think you would have to go back to school to help your kids with school? >> no. i finished my master's degree five years ago and i thought that was it. >> it's not just how to use technology. the way reading and math is taught, it's so different for parents, they need a refresher. >> what do they call the things with the circles, the number of bonds. >> they started classes to learn more about the common core curriculum which sets the national standards for english and math. now they're talking about a variety of topics. >> we need to bring you in with us, bring you into the fold we tell parents, and help you so you're successful at home in supporting your child. >> that's why parents are prepared to continue their education. >> if they're moving at the pace they're moving now in kindergarten, i can only imagine what it's going to be like for second, third or fourth grade.
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the challenge, these parents are determined as well. >> experts say the biggest difference in teaching is technology and how students learn visually and neither is expected to go away. my daughter brought home her first kindergarten math packet. it's hard for parents. >> it's different and if you're not using a lot of that stuff in your daily life, you forget a lot of it. >> or you never learned it in the first place. >> i was looking at 6th grade homework. i was like i don't even know where to begin to tackle something like this. i'm used to the questions -- and maybe i'm dating myself -- if a train leaves chicago at a certain time, what time -- >> exactly. >> we want to know what you think about homework. join in on the conversation right now on facebook at 6.
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homework. >> there seems to be a lot. >> someone comes up to you and says my fifth grader has all a's, they don't give a's out in we were kids. >> what are you saying? we're showing our age? >> parents need to know what to expect. >> look at the big rain coming into central florida tonight. i've got a few speckles of rain. this is nothing compared to where we're going. checking out new smyrna beach avenue there. we don't have any rain on top of the inlet but to the west of the inlet right now across the intercoastal is where the rain is coming down. when i say coming down, at a .1 of an inch per hour. heavier scattered showers from port st. john, getting ready to roll on top of merritt island along 1 there and look at orange county, seminole county. we've suddenly dried out in the last 15 or 20 minutes. come take a look over here.
4:20 pm
the east of you along 441, cruising up to micanopy within the next 20 minutes. again, this stuff is all light. this is just sort of a -- evidence that the air is becoming more moisture laden into the evening here with the winds pushing in here, 5 to 10, 15 to 20 miles per hour. here's the monstrous system to the west, from jackson, mississippi to new orleans. tornado warning right now just to the north of new orleans. daytime highs today, 80 in orlando. 82 in ocala, 82 in the villages and 81 in leesburg. right now, we're still cloudy. orlando did drop really quickly because a rain shower rolled over top of us. 73 degrees is the reading in orlando. melbourne and leesburg both very strong at 77. other temperatures, well, sanford had rain. 69. 81 still in the villages. 73 in ocala with the rain right there cruising toward redick but 82 in gainesville because it has not rained yet in alachua county. here's satellite and radar together.
4:21 pm
clear once you get away from the pocket of low pressure. when does it get here? between now and 10 or 11:00 tonight, we'll dodge a few stray showers. here's tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. meteorologist troy bridges will be here tracking this thing as it works its way across the gulf. here it is by 7 a.m., rolling toward orlando. 10:00 in the morning, heavy rain from ocala to the gulf and by 11 a.m., heaviest of the showers are crossing from sumpter county to central lake county. eustis gets rocked by 11:30 or so. by 1 a.m., heaviest rain is in volusia county and heaviest into osceola. by 2:30, 3:00, we're calming down in the central part of the viewing area. by 4:00, it's over, gone. thursday is so much cooler once this storm system checks out. lows tonight, 60's all over the place. i'm going to call the overnight low in orlando 68. here's tomorrow. >> first thing tomorrow morning, we're clouding over, getting ready for the big rain. by noon, 78. tracking the showers.
4:22 pm
through the 70's. high tomorrow, could get as warm as 80. we'll be blustery and breezy and stormy by midday. thursday is cooler, chilly on friday, the weekend is pretty but a lot cooler than we were the last weekend. >> thank you, tom. we want to show you some pretty incredible video just in tonight. you're looking at three waterspouts that formed along lake pontchartrain in new orleans. it comes in as a line of strong storms passed through the area, producing a tornado warning. it passed through as the waterspouts were formed as well. this is part of the system moving our way. that's why tom is telling us to be very aware of what's happening tomorrow. >> well, a new warning tonight about the $1200 mistake a local homeowner made. >> and meet the local mom behind the wine workout craze. how she came up with the viral hit. >> and we're staying on top of
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zen the original double 'n cheese steakburger meal. oh! the $4 menu. where all meals are under $4. at steak 'n shake. >> i was getting ready to do a workout and i saw the wine
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that would be kind of funny to incorporate wine into this workout video. >> and so it began. meet the mom behind the new wine workout craze. like most viral videos, it started as a joke, but now has more than 25 million views and quite the following. >> yeah, it does. and, julie, i don't think this mom is going to wine down anytime soon. >> i think you're right. she's a mom with a young child, racing for more time while trying to stay healthy. sounds familiar, right? so that's why she created a page to help make everyday home exercises fun, not necessarily always about the wine. that was just one of the dozens of non-alcohol included workout videos she's posted. >> what i want to show people with my videos is that fitness is something you can do every day. you can do it anywhere and you can use anything. >> her message is getting shared worldwide.
4:27 pm
actor george t a/k/a ye said quit whining and she also said don't forget the corkscrew. >> some were worried when she did the push-ups and what if she fell. >> i think she's got pretty good form. >> a woman claims she was violently gored by a bull in volusia county. the reason she's now suing the rodeo. >> and how did a gorilla suit get in space? better yet, what happened when one of the astronauts put it to use? >> but first, new information on
4:28 pm
4:29 pm
4:30 pm
>> a live picture of a fierce firefight in volusia county. right now, information from firefighters indicate it is not contained. we're checking in with photojournalist dave sprung in one minute. >> but first, a weather alert as the threat of severe storms
4:31 pm
>> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing when we can expect it to begin. we're looking at potentially a rough mid-morning tomorrow, right? >> that's the best time to avoid being outside if you can. be near your television and keep your storm app on your phone. keep up with what's happening. it's going to be a rough and rocking midday. right now, we have some showers, but these are not the showers that are going to haunt you. this is visible satellite. you can see a little bit of cloud cover beginning to erupt and you can see the bright white clouds working their way in from fort myers to miami and popping and going to the northeast. that's fine. providing us a little bit of rain. the rough stuff is to the west. i love the visible satellite, cranking from dallas, you see the streaks coming out of the low. the cold front is here. big explosive storms from louisiana into mississippi. right now, it's happening right now, while we're sitting here
4:32 pm
there and yonder, scattered island and ponce inlet. there's merritt island getting the rain from the cape up to the point along the county line and redick had some rain and ocala had some rain. the showers are not super heavy. quickly. hour. the big storm out west will usher in the heavy storms tomorrow once the cold front marches across the gulf. temperatures are continuing to drop down through the 70's. orlando. i'll be right back in a moment. we'll pinpoint the exact arrival of the rain from the northwest side of the viewing area down to melbourne in a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. see you in just a few. now back to the huge fire in volusia county near lake ashby. photojournalist dave sprung is over the scene. what can you tell us? >> i can tell you the fire actually seems to be dying down a bit. it doesn't look like it, but it's not nearly as widespread as it was before. the flames are very large, though.
4:33 pm
in the air. they're also chewing up the tops of the trees here. the flames are really high but not as widespread as they were before. that's what's left of the fire. during the fire, firefighters were out here with the bulldozers cutting the fire line. one got caught in the muck where the fire was. they're going to have to tow that out. they have done a great job controlling the fire. they have the fire under control says the volusia county fire department. but as you can see, it's still burning. >> thank you, dave. >> just in tonight, emergency action taken against a local massage therapist charged with felony sexual battery. news 6's jennifer ortega is follows the latest on the case of caesar guerrero. >> he's no longer allowed to practice massage in the state of florida according to the florida department of health. the emergency restriction started yesterday. now, this comes after officials
4:34 pm
about guerrero inappropriately touching them during a massage session. he worked at the massage envy spa in winter garden when he was arrested in december. the victims' attorney sent us this statement saying "our clients are grateful the state of florida is taking swift action to prevent harm from female massage clients." guerrero also worked at massage parlor on highway 27 in clermont. police say after his arrest more victims came forward. guerrero is being charged with felony sexual battery. >> thank you, jen. an orange county family is mourning the deaths of two family dogs as well as the loss of their home in a fire. it started this morning at a house on marcos avenue off lancaster road in orange county. firefighters tell us seven people and six dogs were in the home at the time. the family got out okay. four of their dogs were rescued. crews think the fire may have
4:35 pm
we'll let you know when we learn more. >> a crime alert now in pine hills where police say they found a man lying in front of his mom's apartment, shot three times. it happened just after the victim answered a knock at the door at the pine view apartments on north pine hills road. news 6 reporter kirstin o'connor shows us how the man's family is now making a desperate plea. >> the family of a 22-year-old man shot at his mother's doorstep have an emotional plea for the three armed men still on the run. >> i just want to stay at my mom's house. >> officers found roderick brown the same way his sister did, on the front step of the pine view apartment with a bloody towel over his gut, covering three gunshots. >> my brother was sitting on the ground saying he okay, just get an ambulance, you know. that's all he could say. >> moments before his mother and 16-year-old brother were in the next room when they heard a knock at the door and then three men say "give it up" and
4:36 pm
>> i was in my bed asleep. lightly sleeping. all i heard was gunshots in my living room. >> hiding behind a closed-door she told her youngest son to escape through the window. >> i told him to run, run jaelin, run. and i followed suit behind him. i ran as far as i could and knocked at a neighbor's house. >> as they walked through the department, detectives noticed shell casings and found a small scale on the living room table and other items. they do not consider this a random crime. >> roderick brown had surgery last night and is going to be okay. as soon as he's able, they're going to ask him more about the men who opened fire. >> if you have any information about this shooting, call the crime line at 1-800-423-tips. >> a woman trying to win $100 by grabbing a ribbon off a bull during cracker day in volusia county is now asking for a lot more money than that.
4:37 pm
gored by that bull. >> matt austin joins us now. this woman is now suing. >> yes, she is. she claims she was never given a waiver to sign or a warning about the potential dangers as obvious as they may seem. this video shows desiree cicero facedown in the dirt during what's called cracker day in 2013. that's an event held at the volusia county fairgrounds in de land. she was one of 35 people trying to win cash during a money grab competition. the bull trampled her and another person trying to help as well got trampled. cicero's lawsuit claims she was violently gored and her injuries are serious and permanent. the incident led the volusia county cattleman's association to file a federal lawsuit against the former insurer, western world insurance, but the company refused to pay for the injury claim since they don't cover participants in this competition.
4:38 pm
game or event you go to on your actual ticket, it's something pretty much -- >> a warning or sign or something like that. a lot of times, those don't hold up in court. >> something as obvious as that, you could get hurt. we'll have to see where that one goes. thank you, matt. >> tonight an alert at publix. osceola county deputies say these guys robbed the store along cypress parkway on sunday. here's a closer look at the suspects. now, no one was hurt in all of this. if you have any information, once again you're asked to call the crime line. here's the number. 1-800-423-tips. >> tonight, a new alert from kissimmee utility authority. they're warning customers to beware of the latest bill payment scam. since friday they've received numerous reports about calls from k-ray collections. one victim reportedly lost $1200 after sending a money gram to
4:39 pm
the utility company is reminding everyone that if you have a late bill, they'll provide a mail notice and never demand direct payment over the phone. >> well, tonight the coast guard credits life jackets for saving four people at sea. >> crews rescued them in brevard county. you can see why the boat didn't make it. all you see is the back there sticking out of the water in sebastian inlet yesterday. right now, there's no word on what caused the boat to sink but everyone is okay. >> tonight more trouble for the man at the center of a high-profile case in central florida. matthew apperson says he does not have enough money to pay for his legal fees. apperson is facing attempted murder charges. prosecutors say he shot at george zimmerman last year during a confrontation along lake mary boulevard. apperson says he fired that shot in self-defense after zimmerman pointed a gun at him first. today the judge granted his motion, agreeing to help cover his legal fees. >> tonight a huge voice in the tech industry is speaking out
4:40 pm
access the san bernardino shooting suspects' iphone. >> at the end of the day, we want a government that has this ability and we trust it to use that ability on our behalf. >> gates also said it is important to not get too caught up in emotions following a terrorist attack. apple's c.e.o. tim cook is urging the government to drop its ruling for access to the iphone of the san bernardino shooting suspect. he and his wife are accused of killing 14 people last december. cook says complying with the order would set a dangerous precedent. >> i saw that interview with charlie rose on his pbs show and the one question bill gates would not answer is would you do the same thing that tim cook is doing? he didn't answer that directly. >> it's a huge debate. you can see people's points on both sides of the issue. we'll continue to follow that one as well. >> ahead at 4:30, a fiery freefall.
4:41 pm
this burning crane collapse. >> then a special delivery that will make your heart melt. it's so cute. what made this baby gorilla's birth so rare. >> but first, go inside the fight against zika. how this test tube carrying the virus is helping researchers get results. >> if you're driving through volusia county, you might see and smell smoke out there. here's why. a big brushfire is burning. sky 6 is live near lake ashby where that fire is burning. we're working to find out more
4:42 pm
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>> with nearly 100 confirmed cases of travel-related zika virus in the united states, tonight we go inside a lab in texas that is spearheading the research to find a vaccine. >> while many of us are just recently hearing about the mosquito-borne illness, scientists have been studying the virus for decades. >> many people were surprised by hearing that the dirty white powder in this glass vial is the zika virus. while brazil is ground zero in the fight against it, the university of texas medical
4:45 pm
world's largest collection of viruses. nearly 7,000 samples are stored at the facility where a team of scientists like dr. shannon rossi are working on a quick test to detect the virus in humans, eventually developing a vaccine. the doctor recently traveled and saw firsthand the devastating effects of the virus. zika is linked to microcephaly, marked by abnormally small heads in babies due to stunted brain growth. rossi calls it heartbreaking. >> every single day that people like me and my fellow colleagues are one step closer to a vaccine. >> the national institutes of health says there could be a zika vaccine by the end of next year. doctors are always keeping an eye out for the next disease that could cause an epidemic. scientists who they spoke to say the flu virus which kills thousands of americans a year is still on the top of their list.
4:46 pm
a teenager injured in a helicopter crash in pearl harbor was died. the 16-year-old boy was one of five people on the chopper when it went down in front of a lot of wednesday. he was pulled from the water still strapped to his seat. it was captured on video and quickly went viral. two other family members remain in the hospital and a third has already been released. >> tonight we want you to get results and be prepared as the chance for storms increases this week. news 6 meteorologist candace campos joins us with how we can stay updated with the severe weather alert. >> central florida has dodged several severe weather outbreaks. it's important to remember the season for tornadoes has not reached its peak yet. >> it only takes one. it only takes one storm to cause a disaster and to be catastrophic to you and your family. >> as we continue the week-long severe weather awareness week, it's important to remember severe weather can strike day or night.
4:47 pm
storms and fronts coming more often. generating more severe weather and we have another round of that coming up this wednesday. >> to make matters worse, a record strong el nino continues to increase the potential for severe weather outbreaks here in central florida. >> although it hasn't been as active here compared to the rest of the state, being informed is the first step in getting prepared. >> okay. right there. >> for that reason, we went out to winter park to make sure folks had their pinpoint weather app downloaded ahead of this week's risk of storms. >> channel 6 app, what is it listed on? >> just search wkmg. >> it takes seconds to download. all you have to do is search wkmg in the app store, a simple step that can keep you safe. >> the app is useful during active and inactive weather situations. it can deliver weather conditions in realtime, down to your street level, including interactive radar with storm
4:48 pm
but the best feature is our push alerts sent out by our news 6 weather team, day or night, when severe weather is threatening, like possibly tomorrow. >> and now you've got it right. now is the best time to do it because you get so crazy with what's happening, so you don't want to have to take that extra step. >> exactly. >> thank you, candace. the man's face you see on that app is meteorologist tom sorrells. >> you have the app on your phone? >> of course, i do. >> lisa is like, no. >> i do. i love getting notes from you guys. >> i'm going to show you the app on my phone now. >> with the big yellow tie? >> since we're talking about storm pins, how beautiful was the morning sunrise in daytona beach? isn't that good? >> gorgeous. >> amazing stuff. and this one. you've got to pick. >> the first one. >> i pick the first one.
4:49 pm
>> we're going to wrap it up with this shot in cocoa beach. that's the rain shot off in the distance. there's the rain coming down hitting the water. all good stuff on storm pins this afternoon. please download it right now or the storm tracker app. to keep you safe, storm tracker is more important. but help me out. storm pins is important, too. take a look at radar right now. tracking scattered showers through marion county. here's redick. dunnellon way down here in the corner. it went just to the east of you along 41. 27 getting wet there and redick, showers appear to be almost past you. around ponce inlet, the rain died as it came over the inlet and atop of merritt island is port st. john to titusville pick up a touch of rain. pretty soon that will all be gone. the heavier stuff is waiting until midday tomorrow when we get severe thunderstorms rocking and raging through here.
4:50 pm
it down in the next couple of hours. most of you will be dry. we hit 80 in orlando and 82 in sanford and 83 in daytona beach and 80 from the cape to cocoa beach to 81 in melbourne. right now, 78 does it in daytona beach. we have a reading in melbourne of 77. wind is still pushing from the south-southeast, strong enough to load us up on heat and humidity. so it's still warm, unless you've been tagged by a shower like orlando and sanford. 69 in sanford. 73 in orlando. still 79 in the villages where you've not had rain yet and 81 now in palm coast. wind speeds tonight all over the board. but notice much of the stuff is either from the south-southwest or southeast. there's a southerly component to all of the wind. 15-mile-an-hour wind right now in leesburg. 16 in sanford. 9 in orlando and a 7-mile-an-hour wind in cocoa beach. satellite and radar together, telling the story of this big low. look at that thing rage. already past dallas and houston but stomping new orleans right
4:51 pm
mississippi and alabama tonight. a wrap-around cold front rolls our way. between now and 11:00, nice little gentle run of some scattered showers. but tomorrow morning, first thing, as soon as you wake up, turn on the television set and check out troy. he'll be here at 5 a.m. tracking this stuff coming into the gulf coast. things have slowed down just a bit. by 10:00 in the morning, heaviest rain is just starting to arrive in the western side of the viewing area. by noon, from flagler county, volusia, seminole, lake and parts of orange county is where the heaviest storms will be. by 2:00, they're in osceola, western orange and 2:30, 3:00, they push east and by 4:00, they're gone. pivotal time is between 2, 2:30 or 3:00. excuse me. 10 and 2:30, 3:00 in the afternoon. then we're done. thursday is going to be fantastic if you like it cooler. overnight lows in the 60's. thursday, these are the daytime highs for you. tonight's low tumbles to 68. here's tomorrow.
4:52 pm
71 degrees. storming by midday. a high of about 80 tomorrow. so temperature ranging between 78 and 80 as the storms rumble on through. thursday's high, though, only 67. wow, what a difference, huh? friday, chilly, 64. saturday and sunday both look good but a world away from where we were last week with all the heat and 83 degrees, that stuff is gone. >> thank you, tom. >> just an adorable sight. they released this video of the brand-new baby gorilla. she was delivered by c-section. the mom started showing symptoms of a life-threatening condition. both are doing well tonight. >> i want that job, who gets to feed a baby gorilla all day. >> julie and i are trying to
4:53 pm
>> we could co-parent her. >> great idea. that would be adorable. >> the shipping change causing amazon users, plus a prank in space. >> then at 5:00, the millionaire at the center of a high-profile murder case gets a new trial. the mistake a judge said bob ward's attorneys made during his first trial. >> but first, see the terrifying
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
>> all right. a towering firefight in melbourne australia. take a look at this. a huge crane collapsed during a construction fire. now, no one was hurt. officials believe an electrical fire spread from the crane's motor. >> it's going to cost amazon customers more to get free shipping. they'll now have to spend $49, up from $35. members of amazon's $99 a year prime loyalty program will still get free two-day shipping on all orders. amazon's shipping costs have outpaced its revenue. >> the best $99 you'll ever spend. >> it is. >> a sequel for the planet of the apes? not quite. this is astronaut scott kelly on the international space station, yep, dressed as a gorilla.
4:57 pm
appears to terrorize other crew members. the suit was sent to kelly by his twin brother mark as a gag gift. scott kelly is about a week away from wrapping up his year in space. just in time. he's clearly losing his mind. >> they just celebrated a birthday yesterday. >> you could do damage, though, if your colleagues have no idea what's coming. >> they probably knew something. >> we set a record for gorillas in one show. >> the baby gorilla. >> can't beat that one. >> matt austin is here with what's coming up new on the news at 5:00. >> i'm the third gorilla. lots of stories tonight, including powerful emotion in an orange county courtroom. the teen accused of running down a deputy appeared before a judge. next at 5:00, the deputy's message for the community as she walked out of court. >> and we're staying on top of breaking new details in a deadly shooting. the victim's mom is accused of
4:58 pm
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger.
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a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> now at 5:00, the orange county deputy run down last week, speaks as the teen accused of running her down appears in court. her emotional message in minutes. >> also, breaking new details on a disturbing find inside a home. what we're learning about a mom accused of killing her own son. >> first, though, we're following breaking news in


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